welcome to the NanoLegos workshop.

Nanotechnology has captured the excitement of the public in the recent twenty years, with the promise of new materials and devices of novel properties, due to the advantages afforded by nanoscale phenomena.This has engendered an enormous amount of activity on the synthesis of nanoparticles and macromolecules, as well as top-down fabrication of devices of nanoscale dimension.

A pivotal challenge now lies in the bottom-up assembly of nano-sized objects, and the use of them as building blocks to create materials with enhanced functionality and for incorporation into devices.Thus, the goal of this workshop is two-fold: (1) to gather some of the key leaders in the field to stimulate cross-disciplinary discussion, either to solve current and relevant problems that are being encountered, or to develop new ideas and directions for research and (2) to initiate collaborations between the attendees, whose very presence indicates their active interest in this field.